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Home / MAF Housings / Slot Style MAF Housings for Ford, Nissan,. 2.75″ slot style MAF with air. MAF housing & weld on flange for Ford Mustang Cobra F150.SCT's Big Air MAF Meters are great. Slot Style Big Air MAF supports 400rwhp to 725rwhp with centrifugal blowers and 400rwhp to 825rwhp with Roots style blowers. It.The 87-95 Mustangs must use a chip that plugs into the back of the computer.There should be at least 6 to 8 inches of straight tubing before the bung, and 3 inches of straight tubing after the bung.JMS Mass Air Meter Wiring Adapter (96-04 Mustang to 05-10 Slot. to convert the 1996-2004 Mustang to use a 2005 and newer Mustang slot-style mass air flow.

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The "Crusher" kit and supercharger fit the 2003-2004 Mustang SVT Cobra. This Whipple Supercharger kit requires a PCM tune and a slot-style MAF sensor.Mustang Cold Air Kits BBK,. 2003-2004 Mustang SVT Cobra JLT High Boost MAF Slot Style Adaptor Use 2005+ Style mass air sensors on your "High Boost" kit JLT-CAI2-12.

The solution is to use that slot style MAF, but from an aftermarket supplier that makes a MAF with a much larger electronic range.All you need is a slot-style MAF bung made out of the same material as your intercooler tubing.JLT PERFORMANCE JLT 12 High Boost Slot Style MAF Adaptor Kit [JLT-9000] - This adaptor plate and gasket kit allows you to use an 05-newer Slot Style MAF sensor with a.Buy a 2012 Ford Mustang Air Mass Sensor at discount prices. SCT Performance Mass Air Flow Sensor - Big Air Mass Airflow Meter - Slot Style.Ford Mustang Whipple. Whipple Ford Mustang SVT Cobra 4.6L 2003-2004 Supercharger Upgrade Kit W210AX HPR 3. **Includes 170mm Mono Blade TB & 123mm Slot Style MAF.

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There will be two other wires there, and both of them will be gray color.2011-2014 Ford GT Mustang;. Welcome to Lightning Force Performance. GENUINE CNC BILLET ALUMINUM SLOT STYLE BA5000 MAF HOUSING WELD ON BUNG FLANGE For Drop In.Marine grade heat shrink is preferred, because it has a gel that oozes out and hardens into a sealing wax, preventing future corrosion.As for wiring, all we need to do here is cut off the factory IAT plug, extend those two wires over to the new MAF pigtail, and connect them to the two gray wires of the new pigtail.

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Buy a 2007 Ford Mustang Air Mass Sensor at discount prices. SCT Performance Mass Air Flow Sensor - Big Air Mass Airflow Meter - Slot Style.The blow-thru conversion kit comes with a MAF pigtail, and all you have to do is match the colors of the stock wires to the colors of the new pigtail. red to red, black to black, blue to blue, tan to tan.

Under boost, we would be forcing air into the bottom of the engine, and likely will blow out front and rear main seals, or other gaskets.This will cause the PCV valve to let more oil than usual into the intake manifold.Today, these software companies have matured, and their tuning software is really good.

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Buy SCT BA5000 Big Air Slot Style Mass. Slot Style MAF Meter: 2005-2010 Mustang Replacement. SCT BA5000 Big Air Slot Style Mass Air Meter (Non-CARB Compliant).

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When you connect these six factory wires to the six new wires in the slot-style MAF pigtail, I recommend you cut the factory MAF connector off at least three inches back, if not more.

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The best place to locate the MAF is generally near where it was originally located on the car.But to upload the new tune to your computer, we need either a Chip or a Programmer.CXRacing TWin Turbo Intercooler For Mustang Camaro 2in 1out Image.

Receive a free catalog or join our email list Sign up to receive our catalog or subscribe to our email list now to see our exclusive email only specials, new products, and offers.The bung should be welded onto the tubing between the intercooler and the throttle body.

Since oil is approximately 40 octane, this is a really bad idea on boosted cars, because it can cause detonation and plug fouling.Converting Your 89-04 Mustang to a Blow-Thru Mass Air. 2011 Mustang MAF is nowhere near where we need it to. If you install your slot style MAF where I.Notify me when C&L Street Performance Slot-Style MAF Meter / Sensor - Calibrated (11-14 GT) is back in stock. We're sorry that an item you want is.The price match guarantee does not apply to refurbished, closed, or close out sales.Late Model cars incorporate the ACT (temp sensor) in the MAF - all SCT MAFs have the temp sensor included. If you have an early style MAF pigtail and connector,.Some intercooler piping may be made of stainless steel or mild steel.Post 18255842 - Ford Mustang:. Thread: For Sale Pmas HPX slot style MaF. View Single Post post #1 of Old 01-06-2018, 11:42 PM Thread Starter. RickRoss.While most supercharger kits and even some turbo kits are originally designed to use a bypass valve, if you convert to a blow-thru MAF setup, you can use a blow-off valve instead.

A blow-off valve is just like a bypass valve, but instead of recirculating the hot, compressed air, it just blows that air off into the atmosphere.While your stock MAF did not have an IAT sensor in it, the new slot style one does.Shop This C&L Street Performance Slot-Style MAF Meter/Sensor: Subscribe for New Mustang & F-150 Videos Daily: Boost Slot Style MAF Adaptor Kit by JLT Performance®. This adaptor plate and gasket kit allows you to use an 05-newer Slot Style MAF sensor with a JLT Next.2015 2016 2017 Ford Mustang Car Covers. C7 Corvette LT1 Series Slot Style Mass Air Flow Sensor; C7 Corvette LT1 Series Slot Style Mass Air Flow Sensor.

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Somewhere between the location of the original air filter box, and the passenger shock tower is ideal.Both PSI and InHg (inches of mercury) are units of pressure measurement.

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